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Mental Nudity In Writing

December 24, 2011 in Mental Nudist

Nudity in writing can be defined as simply ‘telling it like it is’ (or was). An excellent example of ‘uncensored’ story telling is depicted in the film Ten Tiny Love Stories (by Rodrigo García), which portrays examples of unvarnished love and sex from a female point of view.

The first in the series is shown below:

Ten Tiny Love Stories

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What Is A Mental Nudist?

May 11, 2010 in Nudist

The less you pretend to be, the more you are. – Queng We

Are you a mental nudist? And what does mental nudity mean? Do your thoughts roam unadorned, undressed, through a cerebral naturist’s landscape free from impediment and restraint?

What is a mental nudist?

A mental nudist keeps it personal, keeps it real. Unafraid to expose what “normally” lies deep within, clothed in convention and restraint, the mental nudist can be rational and pragmatic, Utopian and visionary, thoughtful, playful, abstract or precise.

Like all humans, mental nudists are social creatures, looking for other mental nudists with whom to share the bare naked truth! They too need a forum where they can find like-minded mentalists to share thoughts, writing, images, imaginings – a mental clothing optional forum for adults ready to bare it all. A place were cerebral, deep, imaginative, reasoning mental nudists are welcome!

And where would you find such a place? Take a look at, where nudity of thought is commonplace, and knows no bounds.

Have your own definition of a Mental Nudist, or what it means? Then why not leave a comment and let us know. By the way, the best (most thoughtful) responses will be posted in a “Spotlight” section for all to see!

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Mental Nudity and Sexual Intercourse

May 29, 2010 in Nudist

Mental nudity is like sex without physical touching. As a mental nudist, I bare my thoughts, exposing the deepest parts of who I am to whoever reads my writing or listens to what I say. I show the other my essential self.

Sexual intercourse requires physical touching and can include faked orgasms, whispered “I love yous” that really mean “I love how what we just did makes me feel”. There is a sense of having shared something intimate, but then you get up, get dressed, and leave, perhaps to never see each other again. The memory of the moment gradually fades.

The mental nudist gives away something that can never be taken back, what has been given is not forgotten and cannot be changed, excluding a lobotomy or the onset of Alzheimer’s.

There is therefore a lingering vulnerability, an intimacy; a thrill of connectedness. The mental nudist shares emotional and mental authenticity and moves a step closer to true love. How can you truly love what you cannot experience honestly?

When a mental nudist bares their mind and soul, they offer a total emotional and intellectual response to their external reality to the other. Privately, this can engender true love; publicly, this can create an incredible support system among those who believe in living an authentic life.

Perhaps the closest parallel between mental nudity and sexual intercourse is in edge play between lovers. In this kind of lovemaking, there is a dominant and a submissive. It is an exploration and pushing of boundaries that requires a high level of initial trust, understanding, communication, and the ability to read each other in the moment. What results is a deepening of all of those qualities, especially the trust.

What the couple discovers is the difference between “hard limits” and “perceived limits” through clear communication and careful testing of their boundaries. What can result is increased intimacy and awareness, and a deep sense of connection and safety.

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Identity Therapy

May 12, 2010 in Nudist

* * *

Becoming a mental nudist requires stripping away the layers of ‘clothed’ thinking that mask one’s naked thoughts. For most, peeling away superficial layers of thought can be nearly impossible.

To help with that process a new branch of psychology, identified as Identity Therapy, has recently begun to form.

One’s sense of identity is very closely related to the difficulty of revealing thoughts that have long been hidden from view. That dynamic shades the difference between who you are…and who you project yourself to be.

Although the field of Identity Therapy is still in its infancy, its practice is rapidly displacing more conventional forms of “exposure” therapy. In the little clip above you will see an example of how one very creative Identity Therapist is now making her “unclothed” practice available to clients online.

Of course this is just a beginning, but no doubt has a promising future. Her ground-breaking service will be especially welcomed by those clients whose lives are dedicated to nude living in all its forms!

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